Keynote Speakers

OSEE is proud to announce this year’s keynote speakers at EcoLinks 2012.

Bruce Lourie

President of The Ivey Foundation & Best-Selling Author

Bruce Lourie is one of Canada’s most influential leaders and thinkers in the environment sector. As the President of The Ivey Foundation, a private charitable foundation focusing on environmental policy change, Lourie’s 20-year career is built on creating collaborative solutions to challenges facing non-profits, government and the private sector. He is a Director of the Ontario Power Authority, a Director of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and a Chair of the Board of Environmental Defence Canada. Lourie has expertise in toxic substances, green energy, forest conservation and environmental philanthropy. His work is characterized by introducing new angles to environmental work including one of the country’s early leaders in making environment a public health issue.

Lourie is known best for his ability to identify gaps in the environmental sector and creating vibrant and effective organizations to fill those gaps. He is a founder of a number of for profit and non-profit organizations including Summerhill Group, a prominent market transformation consultancy in Toronto specializing in energy conservation and renewable energy; the Sustainability Network, Enerquality Corporation, and the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network. Lourie was the founding Executive Director of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and the founding President of the Clean Air Foundation. Many of the organizations he helped create are now regarded as models in their field.

Along with co-author Rick Smith, Lourie’s groundbreaking book, Slow Death By Rubber Duck, was published in May 2009. Based upon personal and professional research on environmental and household toxins, the book landed at #1 on the best-selling list, and has also been recognized as a Globe and Mail best seller.

Lourie is exceptionally active as an advisor to governments, industry and non-profits on a range of issues. He is proud of the fact that he has received political appointments from both Conservative and Liberal governments and has been appointed to international, federal, provincial and municipal bodies. Lourie is also one of Canada’s leading experts on mercury pollution but secretly loves tuna.

Leora Berman

The Land Between is the area in which you live, work and play. It is a region extending from Georgian Bay to the Frontenac Arch, skirting the Algonquin Dome. The Land Between is ecologically, culturally, and socio-economically unique. It has the highest habitat diversity in Ontario, the most shorelines, and some of the rarest wildlife. It is the meeting point and refuge area for species of both the north and the south; the Crow and Raven; Moose and Deer; strawberry and blueberry; White Oak and Jack Pine. The unique ecology and culture will be showcased in this presentation towards greater appreciation and stewardship of this wonderful landscape.

Leora has been leading and developing large scale ecological projects for nonprofit groups and governments for almost 15 years. She studied Economics, English, and Environmental science. As the developer of The Land Between program, Leora is focused on building relationships. She has worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildilife Habitat Canada for wetland and species conservation; in hydrogeological consulting; and as an educator for Sir Sandford Fleming College and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs. Leora runs a private consulting firm that develops and supports nonprofit conservation efforts as well as local and private stewardship projects.