OSEE Awards

The OSEE Awards committee solicits nominations for the following awards to be presented at the annual spring conference.

The criteria for these awards are listed below. If you wish to submit a nomination, please contact the conference chair before April 15 in each year.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee will consist of the following:

  • The past-president or his/her designate as chair of the committee
  • One member of the Executive Committee
  • At least one member of the Board of Directors who is not a member of the Executive Committee
  • At least one member from the membership at large

This committee may choose to solicit nominations for the various awards from the membership by publishing the criteria and suitable nomination forms in Interactions.

OSEE Fellow

This highest level award is quite difficult to attain. In some years no fellows will be appointed. The evaluation criteria are as follows, the first two being absolute and the next four being more heavily weighted than those remaining. The candidate shall: be a current member of OSEE have at least ten years of continuous membership in OSEE

  • Have done meritorious service to OSEE
  • Have done meritorious service at the school board or federation level
  • Have shown sustained interest in OSEE as shown by active participation over many years
  • Have been an outstanding teacher and leader of environmental educators
  • Have contributed to environmental education in Ontario and/or nationwide (including publications)
  • Have participated in other scientific and/or geographic societies
  • Have been recognized by other organizations, thereby bringing honour to OSEE


Excellence in the Teaching of Environmental Education

May be offered annually to one or more persons who will be selected primarily, on the basis of outstanding performance as environmental educators. Outstanding services of the following types might also be considered:

  • Active leadership and scholarly endeavor in environmental education over an extended period of time
  • Unique and extended accomplishments in environmental education
  • Direct and substantial contributions to large scale improvement in environmental education


Award for Leadership in Environmental Education

May be offered annually to one or more persons who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in Environmental Education for at least five years. This is not an award for recognition of classroom teaching, but it does not exclude the selection of classroom teachers. This award is open to university and college faculty, classroom teachers, consultants, supervisors, publishers, and others deemed suitable by the Awards Committee. This award is designed to recognize direct and substantial contributions to the large scale improvement of Environmental Education at any level in the formal education system.


OSEE Service Award

May be offered annually to one or more persons who have made outstanding contribution to OSEE over an extended period of time. Contributions should include some of the following:

  • Several years service on the Executive Committee
  • Service on the Conference Planning Committee
  • Significant and substantial contributions to Interactions over an extended period of time
  • Service on the Editorial Board of Interactions
  • Conducting regional workshops on behalf of OSEE
  • Service on provincial curriculum committees as an OSEE representative