Workshop Policies

Natural Environment Areas

In order to preserve High Park’s ecological integrity, all outings into the park must abide by City of Toronto’s bylaws related to natural environment areas.

Activities that are prohibited include (but are not limited to):

  • Disturbance of vegetation or fauna
  • Off-trail activities
  • Foraging or removal of natural specimens from the site

Policy for Safety in Presentations

OSEE promotes active learning at our conferences, but such learning must be structured so that it is safe for everyone. Presenters are expected to model safe practice at all times. Activities may need adjustment to suit the facilities. If you have any questions please speak to the conference chair.

Safety considerations apply to sessions involving:

Heat/Smoke source
Extreme hot or cold materials
Biological materials
Tools for cutting or building
Projectiles or moving objects
Electrical equipment (other than A/V)

Terms and Conditions

  1. OSEE may require modifications to your session either before or during the conference to ensure a safe experience for everyone.
  2. OSEE assumes no responsibility for loss of materials, equipment, supplies and personal effects brought to the conference site.